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The coolest way to learn about the stock market, business, and win prizes.

With a focus on learning through play, Frenzy Brands extends a child's understanding of the stock market, business and investing. Players climb the stock market by executing trades in real time. It's fast-paced and interactive, making it easier to understand concepts that many adults are still grappling with, like market cycles and how stocks can be traded.

How to teach your child about money, investing and the stock market?

The key to teaching your child about the stock market is making it fun and interesting. We are not going to pretend that kids will understand everything, of course… But if you show them some really cool things, they can get excited about learning more! Here are our top ten tactics:

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Frenzy Winners

Try your luck every day for a chance to win cool prizes and become one of our lucky winners

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Power Up

When a player makes a profit, he or she advances in the ranking. They can also search for mates and compare investments

Stock Market

Daily stock market quotes, risk-free investing with real-time stock market data

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