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We can give your giveaway campaign superpowers to do things that you never thought possible. Let us delight your customers and empower your needs...through pure giveaway campaign fun.

Make Giveaway Campaigns That Can Dance

Yes, that's right, you thought it was the stuff of dreams, but this easy to use cloud-based giveaway software can manage campaigns that entertain. Quickly create a customized instant win giveaway campaign that has a selection of animated interactions, then add a video ad, a short survey or a fun quiz. To raise engagements, product awareness, collect feedback and leave a lasting impression on customers.

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In-store coffee shop giveaway promotion

Check out this in-store giveaway campagin for a coffee shop, which includes a survey.

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"This increased our marketing email engagments by 500% and the subscription rate by 200%"

Patricia L. Barner/ Digital Marketing Specialist - Cake Bar

"Our customers had fun during the event, was a good way to get subscribers and manage giveaways."

Roxanna Goorhuis/ Retail Marketing Manager - Fana Production