Frenzy Markets

If you have children and are looking for an awesome way to foster the development of their trading skills, then this game is a must-try. Our platform is a fun and interactive way that uses real stock prices from the stock exchange, meaning that children can buy and sell different brands in a safe environment. This game isn't just valuable to children; it is also advantageous to other members of the family.
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"I think in general, an app or game like this does a very good job of showing people that whether you invest or not, it's important that you understand how investing works so that when you do have money to invest, you're going into it with your eyes open,."

Amanda Paul

a financial planner at Frontier Wealth Advisors

"A fun way to spend quality time with my kids - it is always good seeing them quickly develop investment skills without them even noticing."

Rana H.

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Build Your Own Portfolio

Frenzy Stocks gives you a window into what it is like to be at the mercy of stocks unexpectedly changing prices, for better or for worse. It's a good simulation out there that lets kids see where their money would be going if they decided to put it all on one winning hand rather than dividing it between different stocks. In addition, "Stock Market Trainings" can teach you the basics of wisdom before venturing into real world investing.